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Wireframe and Sitemap Creator

July 29, 2017

I remember my early days as a web designer and those long hours preparing nice presentations for clients and partners. I was so happy when I finally reached the last lines of a wireframe for a brand new site or report that would make improvements to an existing project. To be honest, I was happy for the feeling of a well done job, but also for the paycheck I will receive that will allow me keep growing in my loved design field.

But what I especially remember is the day I deeply realize I was just reinventing the wheel over and over again… I lost the count of the wireframes presentations I made, and every time I was just designing on a white sheet from scratch.

The root of the problem was in my to-do list sheet, that was full of tasks with too much red color burning in some of them. I was stressed and I realized the real impact to work without a professional productive system. It was late 2010 and in those days I decided to add another item in my already heavily loaded to-do list: use a wireframe creator system. Without knowing the seed for “Wireframe and Sitemap Creator” was planted at that very moment.

wireframe and sitemap creator - ui elements

In the following months I made some research, talking with other colleagues, reading articles and testing some wireframe software online, and as a designer I could define my specific wireframing needs:

  • High-quality and creative presentations
  • Full design control and brand implementation
  • Precise, agile and scalable tool
  • Avoid to paid extra 300$ or more in licenses per year



New Blog for Creative Content

May 6, 2017

Hi Friends and welcome to Sargatal’s Market brand new Blog!

After more than 10 years and more than 100 items created to help designers and business owners, we feel it was the perfect moment to build this site and share with the rest of the community quality resources on how to produce creative media projects and the most important, how to get great results with them.

We also will share our research process behind the designs and the know how process to transmit the real value and opportunities that you can expect from an item and get the maximum potential for your business or project.