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My name is Hug Sargatal and since I was a kid I spent the day inventing and creating things with the dream in mind to be a designer. By family things, I had to choose other paths and I studied and then worked as a Mechanical Projectist for years. To make the story short: something similar to what happened to Luke Skywalker when he was young.

But when the force is inside nothing gets you out of the way and when I saved the money I attended an academy to get a web design yearly course that I finished with honours and I felt the clear inner call from the force to dedicate my life to be a creative jedi, so when I was 28 I quit my job and I assisted to university to learn more and after 4 years gaving myself in body and soul and overcoming lots of challenges, I had a degree in Audiovisuals and Media Design and a couple of prizes in the creative field.

From these moments, I accumulate more than 10 years of experience working in companies and also as a freelancer specialized in Brand and UX guerrilla for small and medium business, and also getting fun from time to time giving classes and talks about creativity, design and nerd stuff I love.

I started to sell online in 2008 and I created Sargatal Market because I deeply understand the problems that other Designers and Business face to develop professional projects with the speed of light that market demands, so I decided to create handcrafted design templates based on a real projects to help them succeed, offering unique items, made with love and professional research. In other words I consider myself your creative partner!

When I am not designing in Sargatal Market you can find me designing in Class Plus, an educative project of my Wife where we develop school resources for children. We spend the rest of the time traveling and I like studying something like business and coaching, praying or doing some sport, my other great hobbie, since I have always practiced some, especially soccer and tennis for years as a player and also as a coach. I am very grateful to the sport because it has always given me health, great moments and helped me pay the bills when I was studying!

Please take a walk around here for a while and check out the goods and markets and if you have any questions feel free to give me a shout.
Hug Sargatal